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about the Sony Reader, because I don't use that device. You can buy it from 50% since its launch. Amazon's move to an e-reader platform has come at a high price.

about the Sony Reader, because I don't use that device. You can buy it from 50% since its launch. Amazon's move to an e-reader platform has come at a high price.

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That's certainly not what Bezos had in mind when he first published his 1997 letter to shareholders. Obsessing over the customer experience was his most important rule--the thing that drove every decision at Amazon. I want to be clear that I'm not suggesting that Amazon is intentionally looking for ways to make the customers' experience worse, or that its executives are consciously trying to rip off customers. I think that if you ask people who work at Amazon, they genuinely believe in Bezos's "obsess about the customer" mentality. I think they genuinely believe that creating a great experience for customers means those customers will want to buy more things from Amazon, which is great for the business.

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