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People wait in line at the April 2022 grand opening of the Bored & Hungry pop-up burger restaurant in Long Beach, California, which used Bored Ape images. Experts raising alarm over 'crisis' of TikTok's impact on mental health

Well, it turns out the piece of mail has grammar issues and a misspelling as it offers an Amazon gift card in exchange for proof of an online review on an item Ray recently ordered. Mailer offers gift card in exchange for online review, is it legit?

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Customers may be impacted by your seller feedback, and Amazon considers your seller feedback rating in a variety of ways. Your total seller feedback evaluation is the average of the most recent feedback from your customers. This is due to Amazon calculating an average of how much positive feedback you've received throughout various time periods, including 30-day, 90-day, 365-day, and lifetime ratings. Your Seller Feedback Score is just the proportion of positive feedback you got over a given time period. According to Amazon, only 4-star and 5-star reviews count toward your overall score. Neutral (and, of course, negative) feedback is omitted from the computation, and your Negative Feedback rate is used instead.

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If you are filing taxes electronically, you correct the original Form W-2 information entered once you receive a correct W-2. There is no requirement to send the W-2C form if you electronically file as the IRS will receive a copy from the employer. Make sure you enter the correct information from Form W-2C and then complete the tax return as normal.1 Contact the IRS for help if your W-2 if there are significant inaccuracies or if you're concerned that your employer is improperly withholding or failing to withhold federal income and employment taxes The IRS will investigate the matter directly.

Amazon. You can also make money on Amazon by selling products without an online where people can purchase items from merchants. There are thousands of sellers who are

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