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Note that as of October 12 2021, though it isn't official, Amazon sellers can upload separate pictures in each of the European marketplaces. Up to now, some sellers have paid a fortune to use this feature through Amazon Selling Partner 360. Language Considerations

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reviews are the best source of information for your product or service. You have to The Amazon customer reviews are the best source of information for your product or

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Amazon has devoted significant resources to investigating and bringing legal actions against fake review brokers to stop them from orchestrating fake reviews in its store. A dedicated global team of expert investigators, lawyers, analysts, and other specialists track down fake review brokers, piece together evidence about how they operate, and take legal action against them. These legal actions are intended to uncover the perpetrators and stop the fraud where it starts. However, continued collaboration and investment across the industry is critical to stopping fake reviews for good. Amazon has continued to seek assistance and support from other industry players as well as government agencies, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement to improve detection and increase enforcement action against fake review brokers. "Holding bad actors accountable through litigation and criminal referrals is one of many important ways that we protect customers so they can shop with confidence," said Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon's Vice President of Selling Partner Services. "In addition to continuing to advance our robust detection and prevention of fake reviews in our store, Amazon will remain relentless in identifying and enforcing against bad actors that attempt to engage in review abuse. There is no place for fake reviews on Amazon or anywhere else in the industry."

Amazon pays you a percentage of the selling price for each item sold through your affiliate link. Source: amazon.com

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