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Who is the developer and owner of Progresso Heights?
The developer and owner of Progresso Heights is:
Progresso Heights Limited
50 North Front Street
Belize City, Belize

How do I visit the property?
If you are planning to visit the property in the next few months, contact us prior to making your flight arrangements and we will assist you with travel arrangements either from your hotel in Belize or the Belize City International Airport to our Progresso Heights development. Also click here to see the Transportation section of our website for additional information.



How do we get around on the property? 
Car, golf cart, bike and foot will be the modes of transportation to get around on the property.



Where do we purchase supplies when living in Progresso Heights? 
Supplies may be obtained at the nearby towns of Orange Walk, Corozal and Progresso.



Are there schools in the area?

The public and private school in the area are as follows:

Chan Chen Government School, Chan Chen, Corozal 422-3816

Church of Christ Primary School, Halls Layout Corozal 422-2889

Adventist Vocational College, Calcullta, San Joaquin 423-0021

Concepcion R C School, Concepcion, San Joaquin 423-0160

Corozal Community College, Sn Andres, Corozal 422-3280

Corozal Methodist School, 57 First Ave, Corozal 422-2839

Mary Hill Primary School, San Andres Road, Corozal 422-2567

La Immaculada Infant School, Church Street, Orange Walk 322-2059

La Immaculada Middle School, Church Street, Orange Walk 322-2341

La Immaculada Primary School, Church Street, Orange Walk 322-2038

Libertad Methodist School, Libertad, San Joaquin 423-0204

Libertad R C School, Libertad, San Joaquin 423-0284

Muffles College, Otro Benque, Orange Walk 322-2033

Muffles College Six Form, Otro Benque, Orange Walk 322-1016

Our Lady Guadalupe R C School, Altamira, Corozal 422-3201

Paraiso Government School, Paraiso, Corozal 422-3255

Ranchito Govenment School, Ranchito, Corozal 422-2879

San Estevan R C School, San Estevan 323-4095

San Francisco School, Price Avenue, Orangle Walk 322-2374

San Joaquin R C, San Joaquin 423-0057

Seventh Day Adventist School, Belize Corozal Road, Orange Walk 322-2590

St Francis Xavier Primary School, Forth Ave/First Street, North Corozal 422-2520

St Peter's Church and School, 9 St Peter Street, Orange Walk, 322-2160





Where can I find medical and dental facilities?

Belize Medical Associates, 5791 St. Thomas Street, Kings Park, Belize City 223-0302,3, 4

Belize Medical Arts and Ambulatory Surgi Center, Chancellor Avenue, Belize City 224-5537,8

Zuniga Harold Physical Therapy, 85 Amara Avenue, Belize City 227-1638

Integral Health Care Southside Health Center, Gibnut/Curassow Street, Belize City 227-6722

Myo'on Clinics Ltd, 40 Eve Street, Belize City, 224-5616 or 223-1537

Northern Medical Group, Paraiso, Corozal 422-2589

Spanish Lookout Clinic, Route 35 West, Spanish Lookout 823-0149

Please see the Belize Telephone Limited Phone Directory for Physicians sorted by specialty of service and very serious medical problems are cared for in Belize City at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital 223-1548 or 223-1564

Orange Walk Hospital, Orange Walk 322-2072

Corozal Hospital, 422-2076

Corozal Hospital Outpatient Clinic 422-2080

Please also note that there are numerous medical facilities in Chetumal, Mexico.


The nearest facilities for dentists are:

Gabriel G. Garcia Dental Clinic, 12 4th Street South, Corozal 422-2355

Dr. Glenda Major, 1st Street South, Corozal 422-2837

Family Dental Center, 27 Bakers Street, Orange Walk 322-0732




Where can I find shopping facilities?
Shopping facilities are available in Progresso approximately two miles from the development, in Corozal, approximately seven miles from the development and in Orange Walk approximately 14 miles from the development.



What about sewage arrangements?
Each home must have its own multi-stage septic tank.



Are there any properties with finished homes?
Yes, you are welcome to visit Progresso Heights at any time and see the homes presently constructed in the development.



Can I obtain title insurance?
Yes, title insurance is available through First American Title Insurance Company.



 What are the prices of the parcels?
For parcel pricing, please visit the Master Development Plan section of our website and you will find a price list.



Who will watch my home when I am not there?
We intend on making arrangements for a property management company to assist in watching homes when parcel owners are away. In addition, since there will be a gated entrance to the community, only the developers and their invited guests, parcel owners and their guests may enter Progresso Heights.




Do you have a map of the parcels available?
Yes, a map of the parcels available may be found in the Master Development Plan section of our website.




Do all parcel owners have lagoon access?
Yes, all parcel owners in Progresso Heights will have free access to the lagoon. There are easements throughout the property that allow interior parcel owners to access and enjoy the water. Waterfront parcel owners cannot restrict or prohibit residents access to or from the water. Also, Belize law provides a setback requirement from where the water breaks to the edge of the first tier of parcels of approximately 66 feet.




May I bring pets to the property?
Yes, domestic animals are permitted on your property.



Disclaimer: Progresso Heights Limited makes no warranty as to the quality of the goods or services or the reliability of the products or services listed above. We have made every attempt to keep the list up to date, but we will not be responsible for errors or omissions.


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