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Closing Costs, Estimated One-Time Charges and Annual Charges Calculator

In addition to the purchase price of your parcel, there are other expenditures, which must be made.
Listed below are the major costs. All costs are subject to change.

 1. Enter Purchase Price of Parcel:


 2. Estimated one-time charges when purchasing a parcel

Stamp Duty (5% of purchase price amount over US $10,000): 

  US $

  Administrative filing fee (2% of purchase price):

  US $

Prorated portion of yearly maintenance assessment: 

<US $250
(US $250 yearly fee for residential parcels or US $500 for commercial parcels)

 [calculation: number of remaining days in year  �  by 365  x  $250 (or $500 for commercial)]


3. Total of estimated sales price and one-time charges when building a home
Water connection fee:    US $300*
Electric connection fee:    US $500*
Telephone connection fee:    US $200*
Architectural review fee:    US $100*
Total of 1+2+3    US $

*These fees are not due and payable at closing. The purchase of land will not require payment of these fees. However, these fees may be incurred upon the building of a structure on your parcel, if and when a parcel owner so desires to do so.


 4. Estimated annual charges, exclusive of utility use fees
Property taxes on average unimproved parcel after sale:    US $

(approximately 1% of the parcel purchase price or

assessed value of your land by the Valuation Section of the Government of Belize).

Maintenance assessments by Community Owners Association:    US $250*
(either US $250 for residential parcels or US $500 for commercial parcels)



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