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May 3, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. EDT For some, the program - which pays $2.50 per package - is a welcome income boost. Others are skeptical.

Would you use it? If so, how do you think we could do it? We are now looking at ways to protect our own identities. We are

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Why did Amazon Prime suddenly end 2-day shipping, as if no one would notice? Profile photo for Buck Wylde

5 Tips for Spotting a Fake Facebook Profile Surely, there's a lot to gain from using your real identity on Facebook. Your friends are able to find you easily, and you'd build a trustworthy brand if you do business on the platform. So why do people create fake Facebook profiles anyway?

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UPDATE, June 26, 2019 According to NPR, Coler started to create fake news content around 2013 "to highlight the extremism of the white nationalist alt-right." Owner of over 25 internet domains, with 20 to 25 writers and a monthly profit varying between US$ 10,000 and US$ 30,000, Coler wanted from the start to build a site "that could kind of infiltrate the echo chambers of the alt-right, publish blatantly or fictional stories and then be able to publicly denounce those stories and point out the fact that they were fiction." He discovered the power of fake news when one of his websites, circulated a fictional report about how food stamps were being used by customers at Colorado marijuana shops. The article spread like wild fire, resulting in intervention from state representatives. Coler today owns a company, Disinfomedia, which is one of the biggest in the fake news business by number of followers.

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edition of Kindle is still selling for $4.99, but that has been reduced to $3.99 by easy to use, easy to understand, and affordable". And there's the latest attempt to

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