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User Interviews paid focus groups participants get paid in Visa or Amazon gift cards or by cash or check. A paid focus group may take place in person, or online via apps like Zoom, Facetime or Teams.

Obscure Chinese makers of everything from wireless headphones to kitchen mops that wanted to crack the U.S. market for several years have turned to the world's biggest e-commerce company for help. They use an Amazon.com Inc. program called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) that allows third-party merchants to store their goods in its warehouses and let the U.S. company handle delivery, returns, and exchanges. To get attention on Amazon's sprawling marketplace, many Chinese sellers offer freebies or even cash to consumers willing to write favorable product reviews. Amazon once allowed such incentives in exchange for reviews to help introduce products to customers. But it began discouraging the practice in 2016, realizing freebies compromised the integrity of customer reviews. Many merchants ignored the new rules by recruiting shoppers on Facebook and reimbursing them via PayPal to elude Amazon's detection, and the problem persisted. Before condemning her company and other Chinese brands as scofflaws, she says, people should keep in mind the reality of selling on its website. "We are not terrible people selling low-quality goods with bad tactics," Wu says. "But if you want to survive, you have to make great products, minimize the logistics costs, and make your reviews look good." And Chinese aren't the only ones manipulating reviews, she says. Indeed, many U.S. sellers have been dinged for fake reviews over the years, too.

Take a look at Amazon product reviews to determine what customers love and dislike about a specific brand or product. You may be able to determine whether it's right for you to try and sell it yourself based on that. Amazon lightening deals

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